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Project Spotlight: Golf Links Road 60 Unit Apartment Buildings, Thunder Bay, ON

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest on one of our standout projects, the Golf Links Road 60 Unit Apartment Buildings in Thunder Bay, ON. In partnership with Terralux General Contractors and Developments, RVI is on the path to transforming the envisioned designs for two residential buildings, each promising to offer 60 units of modern living space.

Key Project Details:

Comprehensive Design Approach: Our dedicated team is immersed in executing a design that encompasses all critical aspects of modern and efficient living spaces. This project is a testament to our commitment to meticulous planning and attention to detail in every crucial system and service.

Site Services Coordination: A significant effort is being directed towards coordinating essential services such as gas, water, sanitary, and hydro. This crucial step is foundational in laying the infrastructure needed to support the buildings upon completion.

  • Systems Integration: We are in the process of integrating a wide array of mechanical and electrical systems, including HVAC, plumbing, gas piping, power distribution, fire alarm systems, lighting, and life safety systems. This ensures the project meets the functional requirements of future residents.
  • Collaboration with Local Utilities: Our ongoing efforts include tight coordination with local utilities to manage common trench requirements and contestable work design. This coordination is key to meeting local standards and ensuring a smooth transition into the construction phase.
  • Ensuring Design Intent Through Ongoing Inspections: As we advance with the construction, our team is diligently carrying out ongoing inspections to ensure that the realized structures faithfully adhere to our intended designs. This rigorous process is crucial for maintaining the integ
  • rity of the project’s vision, ensuring that the end result not only meets but exceeds our expectations and standards. These inspections underline our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency at every stage of development.

This project highlights RVI’s ability to tackle complex design challenges and work collaboratively towards the successful realization of significant housing developments. With Terralux General Contractors and Developments by our side, we are making steady progress and look forward to seeing these apartment buildings come to life.
We extend our gratitude to all team members and partners involved in this project for their ongoing hard work and dedication. Your contributions are essential to moving this project forward, and we are eager to witness the positive impact these buildings will have on the Thunder Bay community once completed.