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Engineering Services

Offering a series of engineering services to help achieve your projects goals.

We’re proud of the unique value we bring to our clients at RVI Group Ltd. Our focus on mechanical engineering and electrical engineering broadens our skillset so we can assist where necessary. 


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Engineering Services

mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineering service offers innovative solutions and expertise in designing, analyzing, and optimizing mechanical systems. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we provide cutting-edge designs, simulations, and prototyping to cater to diverse industries. Trust us for reliable, cost-effective, and tailored mechanical engineering solutions.

Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering service delivers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of projects. From electrical system design and analysis to circuit prototyping and troubleshooting, we offer expertise in powering innovation. Trust our skilled team to ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability, meeting the unique needs of your electrical engineering endeavors.

Project Services

Project Management & Procurement

Our project management services for engineering streamline your projects for success. With meticulous planning, resource allocation, and risk management, we ensure on-time and within-budget delivery. Our experienced team coordinates diverse engineering tasks, fostering effective communication, and providing tailored solutions to achieve your project goals with utmost efficiency.

Project Services

Building Commissioning

Our building commissioning service guarantees optimal performance and functionality of your construction projects. Through rigorous testing, inspection, and fine-tuning, we ensure all systems work seamlessly. From HVAC and electrical to safety protocols, our expert team certifies that your building operates at peak efficiency, meeting quality standards and regulations.

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Energy auditing

Our energy auditing service empowers you to optimize energy usage and reduce costs. Our certified experts conduct comprehensive assessments of your facilities, identifying inefficiencies and recommending sustainable solutions. With actionable insights, you can make informed decisions, improve energy performance, and contribute to a greener future while saving money.

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Energy Modelling

Our energy modeling service offers cutting-edge simulations to predict energy performance and optimize designs. Using advanced software, we analyze building systems, renewable energy integration, and HVAC efficiency. Our data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions, minimize environmental impact, and achieve energy-efficient, sustainable outcomes for your projects.

Project Services

Building Condition Assessments

Our Building Condition Assessments service provides comprehensive evaluations of your property’s structural integrity and systems. Our experienced team inspects and reports on potential issues, maintenance requirements, and life-cycle analysis. With our thorough assessments, you can make informed decisions, prioritize repairs, and ensure your building’s longevity and safety.

Project Services

Drafting & Building Information Modelling

Our Drafting & Building Information Modeling (BIM) service ensures precision and efficiency in design and construction. Our skilled team creates detailed 2D drafts and 3D BIM models, enhancing collaboration and minimizing errors. From concept to completion, trust us to streamline your project, saving time and resources while delivering exceptional results.

Project Services

Net Zero Energy Ready Studies

Our Net Zero Energy Ready Studies service empowers clients to achieve sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. Our experts conduct in-depth analyses, integrating renewable energy systems and energy-saving technologies. We provide actionable strategies to minimize energy consumption, optimize performance, and pave the way towards a net-zero future.

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Net Zero Carbon Studies

Our Net Zero Carbon Studies service helps organizations transition to eco-friendly practices. Our team conducts comprehensive assessments, analyzing carbon emissions and developing strategies to reduce and offset them. With our data-driven approach, clients can make informed decisions, align with sustainability goals, and contribute to a greener, carbon-neutral future.

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Our Building Decarbonization & Electrification service is dedicated to transforming the environmental footprint of buildings. By integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we aim to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. Our team specializes in retrofitting existing structures and designing new ones with a focus on electrification, utilizing renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-saving measures. From comprehensive audits to the implementation of electrification strategies, we ensure your building not only meets but exceeds modern sustainability standards. Trust us to guide your journey towards a greener, more efficient future, where your building operations contribute positively to the environment.